3 These Plants are Back in the Middle of a Pandemic!

The Corona virus has made major changes to human life. Since this virus broke out in Indonesia around last April, our people have begun to realize the importance of a clean and healthy lifestyle, such as diligently washing hands and exercising.

Not only that, to break the chain of spreading the Corona virus, the government had implemented various policies. Starting from WFH, closing schools - now online schools or PJJ, PSBB, and also New Normal. The government also urges its citizens to stay at home for mutual security, which of course creates boredom.

Not surprisingly, to get rid of boredom, many people look for activities that can relieve boredom during their activities at home, such as farming. Whether it's plants that can be consumed or ornamental plants.

Now, talking about ornamental plants, according to my observations there are several types of flowers that were forgotten and returned to popularity after this pandemic. It so happened that among these plants, I also took care of them at home.

What are the rows of flowers? Come on, find out more below

Once Faded, These 3 Flowers Are Back Popular After The Pandemic! Number 3 is really easy to plant

1. Aglonema

Aglonema is an ornamental plant from the taro tribe or Araceae. This plant was once so popular in 2015, that ornamental plant lovers make it a must-have at home. After being faded and displaced by the presence of other flowers, recently - especially after a pandemic - Aglonema flowers have been in great demand again.

The price itself varies widely, starting from 50 thousand to millions of rupiah, depending on the type and color of the leaves. The advantage of Aglonema itself lies in the color of the leaves which are various with different shades. The picture above is an Aglonema plant that my friend has, because it has only been planted for a few days so it doesn't look fertile yet.

2. Purslane

Purslane was often considered a weed, because of its rapid growth. Over time, this plant has become an ornamental plant because it has beautiful flowers with very diverse colors. Apart from the beautiful flowers, purslane is also very easy to plant and care for. We just cut the stem and plant it in the ground or pot.

About a few years ago, I remember many housewives hunting purslane and growing it in their yard. But not long after, purslane seemed to disappear from circulation. Then now that many people have been laid off due to the pandemic and have chosen to spend their time cultivating crops, purslane flowers have skyrocketed again. In my area, almost every yard of the house has purslane flowers.

A few tips from me personally so that purslane continues to flower every day, put it or plant purslane in a place that is sufficiently exposed to the sun. Also, don't forget to re-plant purslane flowers for about 3-4 months.

3. Eight o'clock flowers

Apart from purslane and Aglonema, the most common flowers after the pandemic are the eight o'clock flowers. It is called the eight o'clock flower, because this flower that originates from the West Indies and Mexico will start blooming at 8 o'clock and then closes at midday. There are two types of flowers at eight, namely yellow and white.

If in the past 8 o'clock flowers often grew wild in the yard, now we can find this flower in the home page and become a plant that must be cared for. Besides being beautiful, it turns out that the 8 o'clock flower also has health benefits. This I found out after reading one of the posts on social media, which has eight o'clock flowers at home.

Benefits of flowers at 8 o'clock for health, including:
  • Treating sore throat
  • Overcoming swelling
  • As an antibiotic
That's the kind of flower that hit again after the pandemic, based on my observations in the neighborhood where I live myself. Are the ornamental plants that I mentioned above also being popular in your area, or are there other plants that are more popular? Come on, share in the comments column!

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