3 Things That Can Make Your Creative Ideas Come Back

Often a feeling of fatigue in the head appears after doing a lot of tasks or work that has piled up. So that to look for new ideas or ideas are often stuck, feeling so confused about where to look for ideas.

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Especially if you are content creators such as YouTubers, writers, and so on, they have to come up with a lot of new content more often but often don't get ideas. So there are things to do for a moment apart from looking for those ideas to refresh the mind.

Some things that might help bring back your stuck idea are the following:

1. Take a walk to unwind without thinking about work first

Forgetting for a moment the task or job you have to do can help improve your mood. In fact, often when walking around suddenly can get creative ideas. Going to the mall or somewhere that smells of nature can help your ideas come back to life. The focus is on refreshing yourself first so that fatigue is replaced by a sense of happiness due to traveling to a new place.

It is precisely when we are too focused and push ourselves that it can make us come up with new ideas but often it becomes stressful on our own. If so, it's better to stop for a moment and calm down for a moment by taking a walk

2. Read a book or watch an interesting film

If you prefer reading books to watching, you can also try your hobby on this one. Reflecting for a moment by reading or watching what you like will certainly bring back your enthusiasm. This depends on your interest because some prefer reading to watching because their imaginations can roam. But there are also those who prefer to visually see a scene that is happening before their eyes.

I personally like both of them, but if asked to choose to come up with creative ideas, of course it's more like reading. The thing is, I prefer calm, if I read the atmosphere is definitely calm and cool

3. Silence with contemplation while accompanied by warm coffee

Even a moment's reflection can make you calmer in thinking about the next creative idea. A friend also prefers to be alone in silence accompanied by cigarettes and hot coffee in his yard. This made him refresh his mind without having to travel outside the house, especially when he was sipping coffee accompanied by a cigarette. Cigarettes that have a wide variety of flavors and have low tar and nicotine levels. It is safer and also the smoke does not smell and doesn't even make you cough.

So that makes the idea come back quickly because the mood has also returned. Creative ideas can come from anywhere, even from simple things like coffee and cigarettes. so my friend's favorite part to find new ideas

Try if your idea is stuck, what are the ways you often do to restore the mood or so that your creative ideas can be retrieved? Share your story!

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