Simple Ways to Grow Bonsai Plants

Talking about plants, what are plants? So here I will explain a little about plants first. Plants are part of organisms that are cultivated indoors or in media which we can then harvest. That's my brief explanation about plants. Let us enter the discussion of plants according to my personal experience.

Images - Simple Ways to Grow Bonsai Plants

Here I have a bonsai plant which is usually called ileng-ileng or Latin for it (Phyllanthus reticulatus). In my area, this bonsai plant is very easy to find anywhere, but not all of these plants are good for bonsai, we have to choose the shape and character of the bonsai first so that we can make it a bonsai plant which later has high artistic value. Here I will explain how to choose the character of a good bonsai plant, to how to care for it.

1. We must choose a good, sturdy root form. Usually I call it the root of the triangle, because the shape of the root resembles a triangle. Roots are the main value in the selection of this bonsai plant.

2. Choosing the stems and twigs of bonsai plants. How to? Namely by looking at the size of the stems and branches that match the roots we have previously selected. Usually the plant is actually big from root to shoot getting smaller. So also with the selection of stems and twigs, do not get from large and sturdy roots but small or large stems exceed the size of the roots.

3. Selection of planting media. There are many kinds of planting media, from soil, sand, husks, to charcoal and bricks that are ground until smooth. But the planting medium that I usually use is just a mixture of soil, sand and a little organic fertilizer. Why did I choose soil and sand? Besides being easy to find, this ileng-ileng bonsai plant is indeed suitable for soil and sand growing media.

4. After giving the planting medium, the next step is to water it with water and then cover it with plastic. Why is that ? So that the planting medium is kept moist and try to put it in the shade. This closure is usually done long enough for the bonsai plant to grow shoots and be strong enough to be exposed to sunlight. Surely bro, you are asking, so you can't water the covering period? Not like that, this bonsai plant's covering period also needs water as the main food, so it's best to water it once every 3 days.

So what after reading these tips and tricks from my experience? Maybe for those of you who like bonsai plants, you can apply it at home.

May be useful.!

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