Tips on Planting and Caring for Sunflowers in a Pot

Sunflowers are popular plants because of their beautiful crowns with striking colors. If you have sunflowers, they will make the surroundings look bright and pleasant. Planting sunflowers in pots is not difficult, anyone can do it.

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What are sunflowers?

Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) is an annual plant from the kenikir-kenikiran (Asteraceae) tribe which is popular, both as an ornamental plant and as an oil-producing plant. The flowers of this plant are very distinctive: large, usually bright yellow, with large flower heads (up to 30 cm in diameter). This interest is actually a compound interest, composed of hundreds to thousands of small flowers on one head. Sunflowers also have a distinctive behavior, namely that they are always facing / leaning towards the sun or heliotropism. The French call it tournesol or "traveler of the Sun". However, this trait is eliminated in new cultivars for oil production as it consumes a lot of energy and reduces yield.

How to plant sunflowers in pots?

Sunflowers are suitable for beginners, because of their easy planting and care. If you are bored at home because you are still in a pandemic period, planting sunflowers can become a new routine for the family. Here are tips for growing sunflowers:

1. Prepare sunflower seeds

Just like when you want to cultivate other plants, the first step to planting sunflowers is to prepare flower seeds. Sunflower seeds can be purchased offline or online. You can also get sunflower seeds when the sunflowers start to dry. Do not throw it away, if the sunflowers have started to dry. Because it will produce more sunflower seeds, making it easy for the next planting.

2. Preparation of planting media

The next step that needs to be done is to prepare the planting media. Planting media can be made from a combination of soil, husk and compost. For compost, you can use fruit peels. So that the preparation of planting media is better done before sowing sunflower seeds. The goal is that the nutrients in the compost can also be integrated with the soil and husks, so that the growing media is fertile. If you don't want to be complicated, you can buy ready-to-use compost growing media at a plant shop.

The pots used must be medium or large. Because sunflower stalks can reach up to two meters high, even more.

3. Seeding sunflower seeds

After preparing the sunflower seeds and preparing the planting media, the next step is sowing the sunflower seeds.

When sowing sunflower seeds, pay attention to the following:

- the planting medium in the pot must be kept moist.
- Seed sunflower seeds into the planting medium that has been prepared earlier. It's better to sow more seeds because not all seeds can grow.
- store in a place that is not exposed to rain and sun directly.

4. Planting sunflower seeds

After the seeds are sown by the body to approximately five centimeters, immediately transfer them to the planting medium in the pot that has been prepared earlier. Pull it slowly so that the roots do not break. One pot is enough to plant one sunflower tree, because sunflower trees can grow to two meters or more. After that, put the pot in a place exposed to direct sunlight.

Then, how to care for sunflowers in pots?

After being removed from the nursery, sunflowers will adapt to the new planting medium. Sunflowers will flower in about three months of planting. Sunflower care is not that complicated. It is the same as caring for other plants so they don't wither or die. For more details, consider the following brief explanation:

- because sunflower is a plant that requires a lot of water intake, watering can be done regularly twice a day. Water for watering can use rice washing water.
- fertilization can be done when the sunflowers reach two months. Can be fertilized using compost or manure in sufficient portions.
- if any of the plant stems are damaged, cut them immediately so that the damage does not spread to other parts of the stem.
- if the part of the sunflower is attacked by pests or diseases, can provide a special pesticide or insecticide for sunflowers. Usually sold by a plant shop.
- If weeds grow in the sunflower pots, remove them immediately so they don't interfere.

Pretty easy and fun, right? Especially if it is in bloom, besides creating a beautiful view around the house and spoiling every eye that sees, it certainly makes you happy. Do not forget! If the sunflowers are dry, save the seeds. Apart from being replanted, it can also be used for kwaci snacks. During a pandemic, there is nothing wrong with spending time at home by planting sunflowers with your family. Moreover, in DKI Jakarta the PSBB has begun to implement again, so don't travel if it is not important. If forced to travel, follow health protocol. This aims to break the chain of spreading the corona virus.

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