3 Simple Ways to Care for Ornamental Plants Asparaga Soil Media

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Images - 3 Simple Ways to Care for Ornamental Plants Asparaga Soil Media

Starting from seeing a number of plant posts stopping at the veranda, I immediately became "burning" to join the creator event "The Art of Planting." Immediately, I want to share the recipe for caring for and cultivating Asparaga ornamental plants. It is said that he said the attractive million flower. wowwww, this is not a medicinal plant, even though it has a stem that is almost like the medicinal plant Asparagus.

1. Plant in moist soil

Asparaga is very easy to cultivate. But one of the most important things to do is that you have to plant it in moist or wet soil.

Sufficient water content will make this plant fertile and propagate quickly. The humidity intensity ranges from 50-75%. Please note that high intensity can also cause mold. So just make sure that's moderate.

2. Cut the Dry Leaves and Stems Periodically

Not a few who use the leaves to beautify the yard and not a few who use it for accessories. Even to decorate coffins, especially those of Christians.

Well, if the purpose of planting it is for decoration, the quality of the leaves must be good, namely by regularly cutting the leaves, especially when they are dry or the stems are dead.

3. Plant in a place with sufficient sunlight intensity

It's not just moist soil. This plant will propagate quickly and grow large when planted in a place that is exposed to sufficient sunlight.

4. Fertilization

Self-fertilizing can be done regularly every 2-3 weeks using leaf fertilizer or manure. In addition to adding nutrition, fertilizer application also supports growth.

Those are 3 simple tips for caring for Asparaga ornamental plants with planting media directly on the ground. If you want to plant it in other media such as polybags, you can, as long as you keep giving it enough foliar fertilizer.

Happy creating and farming.

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