7 Tips for Overcoming Sleepiness While Reading

Hello friends, wherever you are. How are you? After a long time no more posts. This time I reappeared with some really shaky tips and tricks and hope it will be useful for all of you.

Tips for Overcoming Sleepiness While Reading

I am sure, all of you are familiar with this one activity, right. Read. Yups, reading is an activity that we often do, either forced or forced. Even some of us make this activity a hobby. It is like yes, days are not complete without reading.

Because reading is a window to the world.

Well, sometimes when we (including me) read a virus, namely a sleepy virus. At first it was just giddy, but over time, our eyes become watery and it takes away our reading concentration.

This is perfectly natural. Because the reaction of the body that works to process all information from outside causes fatigue. As far as I know, reading activity is an activity that requires high focus and eye-nerve coordination. What for?

To absorb all incoming information. Have you ever experienced it right after reading, don't know what you read? Well, maybe his brain is tired of absorbing information, so all he does is look around.

In order for our reading hobby to be carried out well and productively, you need to try some of the tips I wrote. Not bad, so as not to get sleepy when reading:

1. Make up your determination and intention to read

The determination and intention is really necessary. Because, when we intend to do something, there will be motivation and enthusiasm from within. That spirit will move our whole body to support that activity.

2. Build a Mind Set That Reading Is Great

This mind set is useful so that we do reading activities happily. There is no target or coercion whatsoever. The important thing is happy to do it.

3. Choose Interesting Reading

Don't force yourself to read things that are outside of our interest. For example, if you like reading stories or light novels, then don't choose a physics discovery book.

4. Choose the Right Time to Read

Well, this is important to support a hobby. Choose the right time to read. Because time also determines how focused we are. For example: in the morning after taking a shower.

Don't blame sleepiness if we read at night, because night time is the time to sleep after the body is tired from activities.

5. Choose a comfortable place to read

A comfortable place is a place where you can relax and do something. Including reading. Not only in the library, but you can create your own comfortable place.

If I like reading under the tree. Accompanied by a gentle breeze.

6. Prepare Snacks and Drinks

Snacks that make the atmosphere even cooler and less tedious, plus warm drinks or thirst quenching soda. Make reading you even more fun.

7. Get Adequate Rest

We can just become nerds who read anywhere and anytime. But remember, the eye also has the right to rest. So, rest sufficiently.

OK, that's the article this time. Hopefully this is useful and can help us all in the hobby of reading it.

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