How to Choose a Camera That Suits your Needs and Activities

Some say that what we wear can reflect our personality. Do you think if the camera you choose can also highlight who you really are. Hmm, you can also check his personality based on the camera used!

How to Choose a Camera

Actually, it's not a personality like a zodiac forecast that can magically guess such traits and characters, but rather how to adjust the camera to the needs of the activity. If you are still confused about choosing a camera that suits your needs and activities, see the article below:

Pocket camera

If the photography activity you are doing is simply fulfilling an office event accountability report, this pocket camera or compact camera is the right choice and is no less or too much for you. This camera is not complicated to use, especially for reporting office events, you also don't need very artistic results, right?

Camera upgrade

If you are bored with a pocket camera, a camera that can be chosen for those of you who are studying photography but do not have more costs, it's better if you use this Prosumer (Professional Consumer) camera. With this camera you can adjust ISO and exposure which cannot be done from a pocket camera.

Mirrorless and action cam for traveling

If you're traveling, it's really lazy to bring a heavy camera. Therefore, choosing a camera for activities while traveling is something that must and must be done. You can choose Mirrorless cameras and Action Cams with good quality.

Professional camera

So, if you have become a professional photographer, it's free. You can choose the right camera for these needs and activities with various cameras that can support all activities. No wonder you will spend deep enough to produce cool photos. Usually these professionals will choose a DSLR camera complete with all kinds of accessories.

So there are four types of cameras that you can choose according to your activities and needs. Are you still confused about choosing?

If you have an excess budget, it's actually okay to choose any type of camera, or you can also use a Polaroid camera as an extra if you really like stylish photos. Because this Polaroid camera does require you to spend more money to buy photo paper.

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