Tips on How to Increase Winrate in Mobile Legends

For those of you who are curious and want to know what are the effective tips and tricks to keep the winrate in the Mobile Legends game so that it looks neat and good, now, just take a look at the full review below properly and correctly, so that you become a Pro. How to play Mobile Legends you can see the winrate statistics on your ML profile.

Tips on How to Increase Winrate in Mobile Legends

Winrate is one of the benchmarks in assessing whether a player has good skills or not in Mobile Legends. Therefore, you need to read tips for maintaining the winrate of Mobile Legends which we will discuss so that your winrate can be maintained up to tens of thousands of matches. There are some very powerful tips for you to apply in maintaining the winrate of Mobile Legends.

As we know, most pro players in Mobile Legends have a very high and good winrate. This is because they play by forming a team and already have above average skills making it easier for them to fight the public in Mobile Legends easily.

That is the reason why their winrate in Mobile Legends can be well maintained in any condition. Having a good and neat winrate of course will bring many benefits for us besides being pleasing to the eye.

To maintain the winrate, there are a number of things you can do. But you need to know beforehand that it's not easy to maintain winrate in Mobile Legends to keep it looking good, especially if you yourself are a public who still depends on other players as your team when playing.

Here's how to keep the winrate in the Mobile Legends game

1. Try not to play as a solo player

The first tip that you should know is not to play as a solo player. You must do this if you want to easily maintain winrate in Mobile Legends. When playing solo, you won't know how the team works.

Even though you have good skills it's still useless if your teammates are not good and tend to become feeders instead. Of course this causes your defeat and your win rate to drop. Make sure to play by forming a team so you can win matches easily.

2. Form a solid team to work together

You must have a solid team when you want to get lots of victories in Mobile Legends. With a compact team, of course, the chances of getting a win in every match will be greater. Make sure you often practice with your team and use meta-metas that are trending right now.

How to Fix and Increase Winrate Mobile Legends

Win rate is one of the components that are considered or benchmark Mobile Legends players. If the win rate drops, of course this will affect the player's performance. Did you know that the mobile legend's win rate that is going down can be fixed easily.

For Indonesian legendary mobile game players, win rate is very important. Because if the win rate is down, it's not uncommon for players to use cheating methods such as the Mobile Legends win rate cheat. Using hack methods or using bot applications that are very vulnerable to Ban.

Apart from being unsafe, the bot application is also an illegal act that can endanger your Mobile Legend account, especially since there are many skins, of course this is very detrimental to you. Below are some easy ways that you can use to improve the win rate of your account, let's see!

1. Form and Choose a Professional Team

The easy steps you can take to increase the win rate or mobile legend player statistics are playing with players who are already pro. If you play with pro players, the percentage of the win rate is higher and can increase your win rate.

But if you use this method you also have to give your best so you don't get in the way of team victory. If you make a lot of mistakes during the game, your team may lose. If you are not sure you can match the professional team, you can use the win rate mobile legends jockey.

2. Use your best heroes that you can master

After considering the team you will invite to play with, then you need to use the best hero. The best here doesn't mean the heroes are often used by professional players. But it is the hero that you are good at.

Using the hero that you are good at will greatly affect the player. You will find it easier to control the hero and the battlefield. You can maximize the hero you use to kill your opponent and destroy the enemy tower well.

This method is proven to be more effective because it relies on your own abilities. You don't need to bother using the Bot application to increase the win rate.

3. Use Hero Over Power

Besides using the hero that you are good at, you can also use hero over power. This OP hero can increase the chances of victory because it has considerable damage. This OP hero is usually a hero to be feared in Ranked mode.

You can choose some of the strongest OP heroes such as Lesley, Khufra, Pharsa, and many more. Also, keep in mind that every season's OP heroes are not the same as the current meta development, so you can do a little research. 

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