Work for Money or Work for Passion

Work is something valuable, how can not? With a work, of course everyone can be known by many people. From time to time, everyone in general will create works in his life, whether it's those that are not famous to those that are famous by many people.

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Without a work, of course, life will not feel complete and maybe someone will not be known by others. The work is an imprint for someone, even though it is gone, but the work becomes a sign that the person who created the work had lived in its time if the person who made the work had died.

Work is a matter of pride, who doesn't like creating? with the work that is made it can make someone's name famous, whether it's because of the good side of the work or the ugliness of the work that makes some people maybe still remember it.

Nowadays, of course, it is no different from the past, from time to time there are always people who work, the difference is that in the present, the presence of the internet can work in cyberspace. It's no wonder that writers have sprung up and so have video creators.

However, if we examine more closely, there are two models of people who work or content creators today where there are those who focus on pursuing money or material and there are also working because of their passion.

Two types of creator content today, are very easy to find everywhere. Let's just try to surf in cyberspace visiting various platforms, of course, today's content creators are mushrooming, although not all of them are of high quality.

Where are we now? Work for money or work for passion? determine our steps and ponder these two things. Not a few people pursue cuan until they forget to make quality work and vice versa there are those who work with passion but lack of enthusiasts.

This is of course very sad, in the midst of the many media platforms available that offer profit offers to make people work only for material gain. So it is not surprising that many people are impatient and justify all means for the sake of money.

How are we supposed to behave? of course we must be able to think wisely. We really cannot deny that creating works also requires something called cuan or material, but besides that, don't forget to be able to make quality work that is not just a mere creation.

It's okay to work for money, but the thing that must be considered is the effect of the work we make. If indeed a work has a negative effect and has the potential to be copied, of course it must be avoided when we want to make it.

Don't get your hopes up to work just for the sake of money, work with passion and involve our hearts in determining whether a work made is worthy of being published or not. Instead of working just for the sake of money, it would be nice to create works according to our passion, especially if the work is positive.

As a person who creates work or a creator, he should make quality work so that it is not only a positive value for himself but also for others.

Be patient in your work because everything must have a process. Avoid shortcuts or justify various ways just for the sake of money which ends up harming yourself.

Thus the writing of this article, what do you think? please give an opinion in the comments column and see you in the next article.

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