How to Distinguish Male and Female Betta Fish

Now this article I will discuss the content that I previously created, this time I will discuss how to distinguish the genitals of the Betta, it's funny when you want to marry.

Male and Female Betta Fish

hickey eh all men and vice versa

ok without further ado we are on the topic of discussion

How to distinguish male and female betta beginners specifically

actually there are many bloggers next door who have made articles that discuss this, but there are also readers who mistake the sex of a hickey

1. Tie

like going to the office just wear a tie, all types of hickeys have a pair of ties, sometimes some have a forked tie, so in my opinion, the difference between male and female betta ties is quite easy because we only see the comparison of the length of the tie, male betta ties tend to be longer than the hickey girl,

2. Head

In my opinion, we can also distinguish between male and female bettas from their heads, but this is a little tricky because we have to really pay attention to the shape of the head of the hickey, the head of the male betta sticks out more like the tip of a bullet and the head of the female hickey forms like a slide of a child.

3. Uterus

Now this third method will not make you and you wrong in distinguishing the sex of this hickey, even though you are still a beginner, you can definitely distinguish the sex of the hickey by looking at the womb of the hickey, usually the female betta will fill the eggs at the age of 2 months and that is very clearly visible to the eye

naked, not a naked brother, well for the male himself, he will not have a uterus, because the male does not lay eggs, I have also read the next section to distinguish the sex of a betta, we can see the white dot on the belly of a betta fish if it has a white dot, it is a female. , but in my opinion it could be wrong because I personally see that even though the sex of the hickey is male, there are still white spots on the stomach if the hickey is full

white spots on the lower abdomen

well maybe that's a little explanation from me according to personal experience to distinguish the sex of betta fish, it's easy

if you want to ask, you can scribble it below, I will answer as much as you can.

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