A Brief Review of the Turtles Book All The Way Down

The reason I'm reading this book is because I'm really having a fever with John Green's books! He is able to provide interesting stories about the lives of western teenagers and interesting cases they face and have to solve in their own way.

Turtles Book All The Way Down

After his book, The Fault In Our Stars, became an international bestseller, John Green again won the # 1 New York Best-selling novel for his book, Turtles All The Way Down. So now I will briefly review the novel.

This book tells about Aza Holmes, a high school girl in Indiana, America who is an OCD survivor. His life is not that difficult, but he must continue to fight his own mind, every day and without stopping. The mental illness he had been experiencing for a long time had defeated him.

However, there was one thing he had to work on and tire him even more with his life: he had to get involved in the pursuit of billionaire Russell Pickett. Russell Picket is the father of his childhood best friend, Davis Pickett.

Where they live opposite, it's just that their social level and wealth are far different. It can be seen from Aza's house which is often flooded, while Davis's house is not.

Aza has another best friend, named Daisy Ramirez. Daisy is in need of a lot of money for her tuition fees. And he invited Aza to join in looking for the Rusell Picket entrepreneur because he would get a tribute of one hundred thousand dollars as a reward if they managed to find the whereabouts of Rusell Pickett.

So, Aza and Daisy made a tactic to approach Davis, who is Aza's close friend, and it made it easier for them to find information to hand over to the police. Davis says they don't have to pretend to be close to him just for the money.

So, Davis gave Aza a hundred thousand dollars just as a friendship gift. Aza felt bad, but Daisy was glad to ask for mercy. Davis only asked Aza to help him find his father without being notified to the police.

A few days later, Aza and Daisy help Davis to find his father through some clues from notes on his father's cell that left behind. The two of them became instantly paid detectives.

Despite their search for billionaire Russell Pickett, Aza is still struggling for consultations regarding his increasingly uncontrollable mental illness. And on the other hand, Aza must try to maintain her friendship with Davis when those old feelings come back.

There are so many messages and impressions of this story. But overall, this novel tells us about mental illness, teenage romance, detective and the meaning of friendship.

The advantage of this book is that readers can be guaranteed to enjoy every plot that the author delivers. Each scene makes us hold our breath to wonder what will happen next.

The love story between Aza and Davi can be accepted by the teenagers who are talking to them. The names of the characters are easy to memorize. I really hope that this book will be filmed like the other two authors' works.

Then, it's really hard if I bring up the shortcomings. But I have to. Well, the shortcoming of this book is that the detective theme that is presented is not too thick and straightforward. The nature of solving mysteries in this book is still somewhat floating.

Where the discovery of Russell Picket at the end of the story seemed to just happen. Without explaining how the climax was. In fact, what I've been waiting for is the answer to the loss of the Rusell Picket. And the other drawback is that I am very unhappy with the sad ending. And this book gives sadness at the end of its page.

So, how?

For those of you who like teenlit stories and general fiction, this book is perfect to accompany all of your free time. Interested in reading John Green's work

Book Title: Trutles All The Way Down

Author: John Green

Number of Pages: 342

Publisher: Qanita

Year of publication: August 2018

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